What is Headline?

Headline is the national programme for responsible reporting and representation of mental illness and suicide. It was set up in 2007 and is run by Shine – supporting those affected by mental ill health. We are directly funded by the National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP). Headline is part of the HSE’s Connecting for Life Strategy to reduce suicide.

What are guidelines?

The guidelines we present to students are the Samaritans guidelines for suicide reporting. They outline responsible language, how to avoid reporting suicide methodology, and how to navigate reporting on murder-suicide, to name a few.

Is there a charge for the Headline student workshop?

No. Our Education programme is delivered free of charge.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of students required?

Yes. As this is a funded programme which is cost free for universities, a minimum number of 10 students applies to each workshop. A maximum number of 50 students can participate in the workshop.

How many trainers deliver the workshop?

Our education lead will deliver workshops for up to 30 students. For groups exceeding this, a second member of the Headline team will also be present.

Do lecturers need to be present during the workshop?

As the subject of the training can be distressing to anyone for any number of reasons, we ask that lecturers are in the class throughout the training in case any student needs to leave the room, so that they can be offered support in case the trainer is delivering the presentation.

What facilities are needed for the workshop?

Trainers bring the presentation on a USB so the classroom must be equipped with a computer or laptop, projector, and speakers so that audio examples can be played. All other materials, including handouts, are provided by Headline.

My class is only 2 hours long. Can I still book the Headline student training?

While the workshop takes approximately 2 and a half hours, if you are working with a shorter time slot, please contact us to find out if this can be facilitated as it may be possible to condense the material. You can email our Education Officer Sinéad Keating – skeating@headline.ie – or contact info@headline.ie

Is the training only for journalism students?

Learning about mental health reporting is relevant for all students who may go on to work in any aspect of media. Our training is therefore suitable for students studying journalism, broadcasting, and media. If you lecture in a different subject, but think the training may be beneficial to your students, please contact our Education Officer Sinéad Keating – skeating@headline.ie – to discuss.

Do students receive a qualification after training?

There is no qualification or certificate for completing training. However, students will come away with a greater understanding of how to report on mental health and suicide, as well as having gained practical experience to prepare them for their future work in the media industry.