Expert Advisory Panel

Meeting the challenge of Resource Poor vs Knowledge Rich

At Headline we rely on the expert knowledge and guidance within the individual sectors we work with. This means we can direct our research and policy development in the area that needs most attention.


International Best Practice

Industry Insight

Support Services

Sara Bartlett, Mindframe

We rely on international best practice and the expertise of our Australian counterparts, Mindframe. They have been a core part of the Austrailan media landscape for over 20 years and are the leading world experts in building sustainable programmes for Media and Mental Health interdependency.

Ella Arensmen & Niall McTernan, National Suicide Research Foundation

Research is key to the development of any national organisation. The NSRF are an invaluable resource, providing much needed research into Ireland’s relationship with suicide. They help us identify emerging trends, which in turn allows us to adapt our policies as necessary. Most recently they consulted on a project with Netflix to provide a “toolkit” to viewers of their controversial programme “13 Reasons Why”.

Seamus Dooley, NUJ Ireland

We can’t design policy the media are expected to implement, without first understanding the environment they work in. The National Union of Journalists Ireland, represents over 4000 journalists on the island of Ireland. They have a unique insight to the daily challenges faced by both staff and freelance journalists, and are best positioned to voice concerns of journalists working with guidelines and difficult content.

Mental Health Support Groups

Mental health support and advocacy groups in Ireland are often at the frontline of helping society’s most vulnerable. Teen bullying, eating disorders, anxiety and depression helplines, suicide awareness, understanding mental illnesses – these are all issues that advocacy groups have first-hand knowledge of. They also understand how people with mental health difficulties can be affected by, and are portrayed by the media. Their input is invaluable to developing considered policy around media and mental health.


– Bríd O’Meara (Director of Services, Aware)

– Susan McFeely (National Training Support & Awareness Team Leader, Shine)

– Jacinta Hastings (CEO, Bodywhys)

– Sarah Stack (Policy Manager, Samaritans)

– Brian Higgins (CEO, Pieta House)

Sam Dubberley & Michelle Grant, First Draft News

Global experts in vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue of journalists. Emerging developments into the longterm effects of compassion fatigue and PTSD among journalists (DART Centre)

Gavin Rees, DART Center

European Director of the DART Center. Delivers workshops in resilience training for newsrooms, and workshops in how to speak to witnesses or members of the public about disturbing or traumatic events, including stories on mental health difficulties.

Ciarán Austin, National Office for Suicide Prevention

Ciarán will be able to provide us with context on the bigger, national strategy for reducing suicide and self-harm in Ireland, and make sure that we are fulfilling our Connecting For Life objectives.

Dr. Roddy Flynn, School of Communications, DCU

Roddy was a key part of highlighting Headline’s potential and new direction. He is also key to developing new national guidelines on media reporting.

Dr. Anne O’Brien, NUI Maynooth

Anne, a former television producer and current lecturer at the Department of Media Studies has dedicated much of her academic life to better understanding and improving the media industry. She can provide insight to research developments and identify relevant gaps in Headline supports.

Peter Feeney, Press Ombudsman

In 2015, The Press Council of Ireland adopted Principle 5.4 into their Code of Ethics which asks publications to avoid excessive detail of the method of suicide.

Johnny O’Hanlon, Local Ireland

Representative body for all local and regional newspapers.

Ann-Marie Lenihan, NewsBrands Ireland

Representative body for all national newspapers.

Patrick Goodliffe, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

The BAI have committed, through the Connecting For Life Strategy, to apply and monitor its Code of Programme Standards including Principle 3 – Protection from Harm.

Susan Daly, Editor,

Ireland’s largest supplier of online news. As yet there is no body which represents online news publications. Until there is, provides us with insight and identifies challenges for online-only publications.

About Headline

Headline is Ireland’s national programme for responsible reporting, and representation of mental illness and suicide. Our objective is to work as collaboratively as possible with Irish media professionals across print, broadcast, and online platforms to reduce the effects of suicide contagion, and the stigma attached to mental ill health.