March 20, 2009

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Thursday March 12 2009

CHARLEVILLE is to become one of a small number of 'hub' sites in Ireland training people to overcome mental health issues, and go on to help others.

The Irish Mental Health & Recovery Consortium (IMHRE) has been established to develop and deliver a nationally facilitated learning programme on Mental Health Recovery.

In the South, the consortium includes Ballyhoura Development Ltd and Slí Eile who are joined by EVE in Dublin and STEER Ireland & Mayo Mental Health Association in the West and North West. The new body will operate under the Enhancing Disability Services programme, funded by the Department of Justice, Equality & Law Reform and managed by Pobal,

IMREC 's programme of events will kick off with a one day conference in each of the regional hubs where national and international speakers will share their experiences on working in a recovery context, using the Wellness Recovery Action Plan or WRAP as it is more commonly known.

The local one day conference to be held at the Charleville Park Hotel on Tuesday 7th April next will provide participants with an overview of the principles of recovery and examples of how these principles can be turned into practice using the internationally recognised WRAP programme.

WRAP has been designed by people with mental health difficulties and provides individuals with a means of managing their own recovery. It has been recognised worldwide as being successful for the large numbers of individuals who actively use it.

The core philosophy underpinning WRAP is that the individual controls what happens in their life and actively manages their wellness in partnership with others, usually family, friends and mental health professionals

Following the one-day conference there will be three 2-day recovery workshops where participants will have an opportunity to begin developing their own WRAP.

In the Cork Regional hub, the 2-day workshops will be held in Charleville and Cork city, and places are open to people in recovery, families and mental health/ social care professionals. Participants may progress to complete a 5-day WRAP Facilitator Education Programme which will equip them with the skills to facilitate Recovery Education and WRAP programmes with people in recovery.

This 5-day training will be held in Charleville.

Places for training are limited .IMHREC, for further information, please email or phone Joan at                086-0858667        .