March 30, 2015

Enter the 2015 Headline Award for Student Journalism relating to Suicide or Mental Health

Judged by Carl O’Brien Chief Reporter with the Irish Times

Entries can cover any aspect of mental health or suicide prevention

All forms of media will be considered; written, (published or unpublished) broadcasted on television, radio internet, blogs or otherwise.



Award Criteria

Coverage must adhere to the various media guidelines for reporting on suicide and mental health issues

Media guidelines available at


Submission Guidelines

Entries must be submitted by post to the Headline office by Friday 3rd of April 2015 to:


Jane Arigho


38 Blessington Street

Dublin 7

See for the full list of submission guidelines – any recordings must be saved as MP3

  •   Only one piece of work needs to be submitted, however multiple entries will be accepted
  • Online writing should be printed out and the URL where the piece originally appeared written at the top of the page
  •  Radio Entries are accepted on CD only as MP3
  • TV or animation entries must be on DVD (VHS entries will not be viewed). No other formats will be accepted
  •  Shortlisted entries will be asked to give written consent to have the winning entry posted on websites or published
  • You must have the permission of the people interviewed for publication


Positive coverage of suicide and mental health issues can and should

·         Be informative, accurate and encourage public understanding of mental health or suicide

·         Promote positive mental health

·         Encourage people who may be experiencing difficulties to seek the help that they need

·         Provide information on sources of support at local and national level

·         Prompt discussion of mental health and suicide related issues

·         Challenge the stigma that surrounds mental health challenges and suicide

·         Ensure accuracy by providing expert advice or feature someone with self- experience of a mental health problem or suicide related issues


FoQueries Contact

Jane Arigho | 01 8601549