In response to the recent Netflix film ’To the bone’, Headline wishes  to highlight to you our concern about the risks and negative impact on young people, in particular for those who are vulnerable and currently thinking about eating disorders.
The latest NETFLIX production ‘To the Bone’, which follows the journey of a 20-year old woman living with and recovering from Anorexia Nervosa, is set to be released in Ireland on 14 July 2017. We ask for journalists to be cautious with regards to broad statements around mental health when reporting, and to provide context.
Headline would like to remind media professionals that they can access our resources (and call/email us) if eating disorders or mental illness issues become relevant to their stories.
The media plays a powerful role in increasing community understanding of the risk factors and impact of eating disorders. Certain types of reporting can potentially lead to harmful impacts on those living with or at risk of an eating disorder.
We ask that you include contact information for Bodywhys ( Helpline LoCall  1890 200 444 for all content containing eating disorders to ensure that readers and listeners are fully aware of Irish support services.