May 14, 2008

The RTÉ Authority and the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland are to be replaced by a single regulator under new legislation to be published today.

The Broadcasting Bill will also provide for changes in how members of the public can make complaints about what they see and hear on television and radio.

The legislation will see the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland take over the functions of the RTÉ Authority, the BCI and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission.


The legislation – which runs to well over 300 pages – is also expected to provide for a new, low cost and accessible method whereby members of the public can make complaints about broadcast material.

It will also allow for the setting up of a new Irish film channel and Oireachtas TV.

Also covered in the Bill are issues such as the advertising of junk food to children.

There will also be changes in how a television licence fee can be bought and the penalties for those who do not pay in time.