June 24, 2011


This month, two homegrown health programmes put a timely spotlight on depression, anxiety and stress and we've compiled them here so you can catch up on such positive programming…

TV3's 'How Healthy Are You? Nutritionist Elsa Jones offers helpful advice  on how a combination of psychological tools, exercise and nutritional changes can help improve low mood and overall mental health.

Watch episode with TV3's Catch-Up service (aired Wednesday 22, June)

RTE1's 'Health of the Nation ' focused on stress management with expert insight into the linkages between general health and mental and emotional well-being. In this episode, Dr Mark Hamilton meets model Alison Canavan, who shares her personal experience of depression, her journey of recovery and discusses the negative impact of the stigma that surrounds mental health problems.

Watch episode on RTE player (aired Wednesday 22, June)