Welcome to Headline

Headline is Ireland’s national media programme for responsible reporting, and representation of mental ill health and suicide. Our vision is an Ireland where fewer lives are lost through suicide, and every person has an open and positive attitude to their own and others’ mental health. The media have a big part to play in that.

Readers, listeners, and viewers often form their attitudes to mental health difficulties and suicide behaviour from the media they consume. Unintentional irresponsible reporting or misrepresentations of mental health difficulties can have devastating effects on audiences, sometimes fatal. Using best international practice and the most up to date research, Headline offers guidance to anyone actively producing content on these issues.

What We Do


Headline produces original research to inform and improve media practices when reporting on mental health challenges and suicide. We also collaborate with external research partners who can use our data to produce new work in the field of media and mental health.


Headline supports both students and media professionals to report responsibly on suicide and improve representation of mental illness in the media. We offer interactive workshops to Ireland’s media and journalism students and also provide training to media professionals on responsible reporting using industry guidelines.

Media Monitoring

Headline’s media monitoring work informs every aspect of our programme and is performed on a daily basis. With our unique oversight of Irish media reporting on mental illness and suicide, we can respond to crisis situations, gather real-time information and produce research to further knowledge in the media and mental health fields.


Supporting media professionals is central to Headline’s work. We do this by rewarding best-practice mental health reporting at Ireland’s only dedicated Mental Health Media Awards and by facilitating workshops aimed at supporting the mental health of journalists. Find out more about Headline’s awards by clicking on the button below.

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